6. T-eye the Knot / Who’s Your Baby

Kimberley Lin and I collaborated for this project, with Kim bringing her investigation into “modern romance” and my critique of hyper hetero-normative societal pressures / expectations. I’m interested in exploring the genesis of the American hyper nuclear family & “settler sexuality” ramifications - as well as various alternative forms of making kin. The project is also exploring different ideas of spirituality under capitalism, spiritual product-ing & how tech is increasingly mirroring & enveloping/assemblaging.

 “T-eye the Knot” is a matrimonial divination firm, that provides services based on your interaction with live streaming jellyfish from Monterrey Bay Aquarium.  One feature is predicting your wedding song – one of the eery tracks NASA has made from each planet’s radio transmissions.

The participants’ pupils’ will be tracked while watching the live stream. According to where their eyes go the most, which the live jellyfish will most likely determine, one of the planet songs will be selected. 

“Who’s Your Baby” - The client sees 6 MRI gifs of fruits & vegetables and type in the name of their future baby, according to the 1st letter of the name it will select one of the 6 with a verbal message from the future baby.