Creating stories through somatic exercises that attune participants to non-dominant forms of sensing (information receiving) from nonhumans accompanied with writing exercises. The natureculture divide has given the western world the idea that we are apart from nature, it has been imagined into a construct of an entity outside of ourselves. There is constant interspecies communication in the animal/plant/fungal world, that humans used to be more intimately entangled with on a wider scale. What kind of energy/information can we receive and what are ways we can prime ourselves to be open to communion with non-humans (that also go beyond the "organism")?

Drawing inspiration from our natural tendency as children to be animists, perspectivism, & the ability that story has to collapse time & space as polytemporal beings - we will explore how we can create a state for ourselves that allow stories to emerge. A slow, nebulous, analogue generator/portal.
Embodied Storytelling with More-than-humans Workshop